US Army Ranger Finds His Way

Posted on April 30, 2019

From Eagle County to Army Ranger

Have you ever wondered where our Eagle County School District students go after they leave high school and college? Daniel DeLia graduated from Eagle Valley High School in 2012 and headed to University of Washington, where he considered a degree in engineering. He decided he couldn’t see himself doing that day in and day out. For a few years he soul searched and matured along the way. He served in ministry in Tulsa’s Christian community… and soon thereafter found his call in serving our country.

He knew enlisting in the US Army was his calling — his family had some military service history too. He combined his passion for the outdoors — hiking the New York Mountain, guiding for Lazy J Ranch. He loves to teach and learn about US history. His mother shares that all of his desires and skills set the groundwork for the making of a US Ranger.

Today, Daniel is stepping into an even greater position as he goes before the board of officers in April; as a Sergeant Ranger somewhere in… Read more >

Future leaders give us all a reason to dream

Posted on April 30, 2019

By Gloria Cueva, ERYC Collaborative Management Program Coordinator


It’s what keeps us striving in a world filled with opportunities for some, not so much for many. Karsen Williams, a junior at Battle Mountain High School (BMHS), and his brother Kaden, a freshman, are the embodiment of future leaders who will give people a reason to continue to dream.

Karsen (left) and Kaden (right).
Karsen (left) and Kaden (right).

Youth travel to Cambodia, Nepal, Morocco, Tanzania and Nigeria. The brothers have witnessed extreme poverty and suffering on their service trips; this is the third time Karsen has been selected and the second for Kaden. They will be teaching English to children with a goal of promoting global readiness.

“It’s amazing to experience other cultures and learn about other people. I love giving others opportunities, because so many do not have the opportunities we have in this country,” says Karsen. The boys have to raise their own funds to go on these trips, but according to Kaden it’s worth it, “It’s fun and it feels good to give back. It makes me feel… Read more >

He's Cooking!

Posted on March 31, 2019

Making a difference with cooking and volunteering.

Red Canyon High School junior, Kaleb Woodworth, embodies the word volunteerism. Kaleb has participated and organized volunteer projects throughout his high school career.

“Kaleb has been an amazing addition to the RCHS community from day one. His commitment to excellence and leading by example is inspiring to both staff and students,” Troy Dudley, principal of RCHS, said about Kaleb.


Kaleb transferred to RCHS from Eagle Valley High School last year and was eager to volunteer at his new school. This school year Kaleb, along with five other students and two teachers, traveled to Grand Junction to prepare and to cook meals for the Rose Hill Hospitality House occupants. Those who stay here have a family member in the hospital. Before they left Eagle, they stocked up on fresh ingredients from the Eagle River Valley Food Bank and then made a homemade meal for everyone. Kaleb enjoyed putting his cooking skills to use by preparing his favorite sautéed vegetables for the Rose Hill dinner guests.

Cooking is one of Kaleb’s… Read more >

Crossing Guard & More

Posted on March 31, 2019

Thanks to PCW (Precision Construction West) for spotlighting Ron Steele, who helps hundreds of children arrive to school daily. Safely. This is no small feat, as cars zoom by, seemingly oblivious to kids as young as five walking, scootering, biking to school.

Ron Steele is a volunteer crossing guard for Brush Creek Elementary students. He does this to keep kids safe, not because he has children at the school. He is on the corner in the freezing cold, in the rainy, wet spring and blazing sun. He slows cars while keeping our kids safe every morning and every afternoon at the intersection of Sylvan Lake Road and Eagle Ranch Road.

There had been a crossing guard but she moved away, leaving a visible void at the corner. Ron saw the need for someone to be there every day... it was a lot like a very dangerous game of Frogger.. So, he visited the police station.

“That intersection seems to be getting busier and busier, especially in the mornings. It just didn’t seem right that those kids didn’t have a crossing guard there to help keep them safe,” shared Ron.… Read more >

No shame. No questions. No ignoring the obvious.

Posted on February 28, 2019

Talk About It

We are a culture who tries to hide any ugliness, whether it’s an ill-fitting shirt, an unusual birthmark or a sickness. When we’re asked how we are, we automatically reply, “Good. Fine.” After all, who wants to admit to weakness? Who wants to hear it? In the world of Facebook and Instagram, we are programmed to only share happy things, to look lovely as we do it and not to worry.

Guess what? That’s not real life. And there are more and more of us who want to be real, whether for ourselves, for our children or just to get a conversation going. This month’s Difference Maker is Julie Kiddoo, an author and owner of Revolution Power Yoga, and she is doing just that: Getting real and not shying away from a challenging conversation or topic.

It all started when she was in her teens and fell into more than a funk and was unusually anxious about her future. Her pediatrician originally gave her a ‘buck up’ speech and told her she was just fine. She wasn’t but started feeling herself. A few years later, she was… Read more >

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