Dana Mauer gives back to the community just about nonstop: she is involved with PTAs, education, ski racing, the arts and dance.

Posted on December 03, 2017

As the adage goes, if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it. Dana Mauer is just the person if you want something ski-, dance-, theater-, education-, or, really, kid-related.

“I believe in community, in doing the little things that makes the community better. I love being with people or if anyone needs help, I am one the the first to sign up. I get a lot of joy out of it,” Mauer says in between running kids to a play and after juggling ski schedules for her job with Buddy Werner League.

This is why Dana is December's Difference Maker. Dana doesn’t sigh deeply and feel aggrieved when she volunteers - she loves helping out in any way she can. She comes by her helpful spirit, she says, by way of her mother, who was always giving back. She, in turn, is showing the spirit of volunteerism to her three children, who are a freshman, sophomore and senior at Battle Mountain High School.

Her tenure as a volunteer started when her older entered the kindergarten fray. Dana so loved the school she was constantly submitting… Read more >

Youth Leader Spotlight

Posted on November 29, 2017

Eagle River Youth Coalition
By Gloria Cueva

Hard work pays off. Period. Ask Jada Harrisingh, a Senior at Battle Mountain High School (BMHS). At the time of my interview with Jada, she was prepping for another interview – one with FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). A week later, she informs me she has been accepted to this prestigious fashion school in California!

This was her “reach” as she put it, where she truly wants to go to college. Jada left nothing to chance. She began working on her “reach” in her Sophomore year. Jada contacted FIDM and started on the path to securing her future. This included planning and implementing a local project to be submitted to FIDM as part of the application process.

With support from her BMHS advisor, Ms. Moore, Jada applied for a $400 FIDM grant to start a fashion club at BMHS. The fashion club enhances Jada’s chances of being awarded a FIDM scholarship. With 15 members to date, the club is planning a kids’ holiday fashion show as well as participation in Project Funway. In addition to this project, Jada had to submit an essay, letters… Read more >

Difference Maker - Molly Fiore

Posted on October 31, 2017

A conversation can save a life - just ask Molly Fiore

Asking someone if they are considering suicide does not encourage them; in fact, shares Molly Fiore, it might just be the lifeline they need that keeps them from committing suicide. Molly should know. She is a Peer Service Coordinator for the Rural Resort Area at Mind Springs Health, program director with SpeakUp ReachOut Suicide Coalition, has a degree in Spiritual Psychology and for much of her life felt worthless and had depression.
Molly is our Difference Maker of the month for the number of ways she is involved in the community, how she reaches out and is committed to her healing and helping those around her.
Her teen years were a blur of feeling broken and not worthy - and those feelings continued until she was 35, and one conversation - one person who took the time to find out how she really felt - changed her life.
"Somebody showed up for me. It was the first time since I was 13 that I had a meaningful conversation, it was so incredibly powerful," Molly says. "My journey… Read more >

Youth Leader Spotlight Gerry Lopez

Posted on October 31, 2017

Tenacity, Resiliency, and Motivation

It's my first race and a big one - pre-state cross country. The clock is ticking, the stakes are high, my lungs are gasping and I can feel the finish line. One more mile to go and bam, I trip and fall into the creek. I think to myself, this is where it ends, I'm not going to run anymore. I didn't even think I could qualify for this until coach put me in. But then I think of my name on the board and the thought of seeing DNF (did not finish) next to it makes me get up, keep going and finish the race.

When recent EVHS graduate and current CMC student Gerardo (Gerry) Lopez told me this story, we were talking about tenacity, resiliency and the difference he wants to make in this community. Gerry told me that this story is an example of the message he wants to instill in young people in our community - keep pushing yourself to make the best outcome possible, keep going because once you reach that destination, you can't emulate that feeling. He shares tenacity to keep going… Read more >

But hey. She smiles. So she's okay, right?

Posted on October 25, 2017

Eagle River Youth Coalition Just because someone appears cheery, happy-go-lucky or like they have their act together, doesn’t mean they aren’t struggling. We’re trained to put on a good outward appearance – that everything is great. Take a look at Facebook (or fakebook as some of us call it – always putting the best face forward; not a care in the world; life is grand).

No one knows this more, perhaps, than someone who has survived being on the brink of suicide. Molly Fiore not only is a survivor but revamped her life to help others who feel desperate, hopeless and despair.

“Mental illness is an isolating and lonely disease by nature. It sure feels like you are the only one in town, even the world, living through this specific kind of pain. I will tell you, you are not alone. There are more of us feeling this way than you could imagine.”

Molly felt like no one understood her pain and almost took her life. Instead, she made a conscious choice to change her life; to examine every aspect of it and ultimately to get busy living. Todd Musselman was a… Read more >

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