Technology doesn't always make life easier... or bring us closer to those we love.

Posted on March 13, 2018

Intern Kaitlyn Cooper shares her insights on dating in the age of the cell phone.

Cell phones and technology are known for their ability to make communication easier. But do all of the screens, keyboards, and emojis actually improve those abilities? Or do they increase the possibility of a misconstrued message and the hoping for something that our phones can’t give us? When people first think of a smartphone the image of an iPhone or android pops up. These devices have revolutionized the way dating works in our society. They have made long-distance relationships possible with text, calling, and social media. They also open up the option for people to talk to others that they haven't met in the real world. Many websites and apps allow you to “meet” and talk to others halfway around the world. While the smartphone age has brought us more options and opportunities, are they really beneficial to us?

Technology has actually disconnected us from the people we love most. Everytime that I am out to eat, I see couples, both friends and those dating, sitting together at a table. But more likely than not, they are both on… Read more >

Work leads to volunteering, which leads to work...

Posted on February 27, 2018

Fernando Almanza started working at Vail Public Safety which led to a whole world of learning, teaching, volunteering and making a difference in his community - all of which are key tenets for Fernando, who is only 25.

Fernando Almanzo
“I have been living in the valley for about 15 years, and am a firm believer that it is our duty to give back to this wonderful community (after all we work and live here),” shares Fernando. “Also I have too many people to credit for my success through the years, but if I may I would like to add that without them I would not be the person that I am today. A friend once told me that you always have to do more service than you are paid for, and for now I am paying in advance as much as I can.”

Obviously, Fernando’s giving back started a long time ago but he kicked it into high gear about a year ago when his boss at the Vail Public Safety Communications Center, Marc Wentworth, encouraged him to take Family Leadership Training Institute series. And a new… Read more >

Eagle County's Young Mover and Shaker

Posted on February 27, 2018

ZR headshot

It is amazing how much a grandparent can influence the person we become, even though they are often a part of our lives for a shorter period of time. This could not be more true for this month’s youth spotlight, Zyanya Rodriguez. When she starts talking about her Grandma, Zyanya begins to radiate with joy and cannot stop smiling. She explains that her Grandma helped raise her and her little sister, and that this amazing woman and role model made a huge impact on Zyanya and the exceptional young woman she has become. During Zyanya’s childhood, her Grandma would split her years living with and helping her two daughters, one lived in Edwards (Zyanya’s mother), and one in Mexico. Her Grandma instilled strong community values into Zyanya and introduced her to what has become one of the most important aspects of Zyanya’s life, religion. She explains how her Grandma spent a lot of her free time completing volunteer work in Mexico. She often volunteered in jails, and also helped people living in rural/impoverished areas of Mexico. Her Grandma would work hard each year to collect blanket donations, food donations, and… Read more >

Mr. Lopez Goes to Washington

Posted on February 26, 2018

Going to Washington for the first time for the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) conference was incredibly eye opening. Other than knowing how cold National Harbor is and how wet it can get; other thoughts have stuck in my head. It is a pleasure for me to bring these ideas back home to help empower the people of our community. Here are the main points I have taken out of CADCA.

“Don’t Look Over Your Shoulder.”
Don’t look over your shoulder is a lesson taught to me by General Barrye Price, a highly successful, highly decorated retired US Army General. What this means is to always have confidence in yourself no matter what you want to do. Never look back because you will lose sight of what is in front of you and believe in your own intuition that you can become anyone you desire to become. It also means to forget about your past and focus on your future.

The Capitol is Incredibly Busy
After a day at the Capitol with all sorts of coalitions I have realized how crazy busy the life is. From waiting in the rain… Read more >

The Town of Gypsum is a true community partner.

Posted on February 22, 2018

The town of Gypsum supports many organizations. Its support proved invaluable for ERYC's Valley Tastings.

You’ll always find lots to do in the Town of Gypsum for all ages. In 2018 we have a new event to highlight. This event was a direct result of an event that we partnered with ERYC in 2017.

New to our 2018 event calendar will be our Down Valley Farmers Market. In 2017 when our community hosted ERYC’s Valley Tastings Event, the town of Gypsum developed it as a farm-to-table event. Gypsum has always been known as a ranching and farming community, we still have active ranchers today. For this event, we collaborated on bringing in the ranching community and showcased a valuable industry of Eagle County. The town of Gypsum’s role was to help make those connections and to help market and provide in-kind services for the event.

The farm-to-table concept has helped to jump-start a movement to bring healthy food to our community. And now in 2018, the dream of a Farmers Market has now come to life. We will host the market every Friday, June 15th through September 14th in the… Read more >

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