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Posted on November 30, 2018

Building Self Esteem

It’s no secret that our kids are stressed out. Some are anxious. Some are depressed. In fact, Healthy Kids Colorado Survey results from 2017 have told us that 32 percent of local middle school students are feeling sad and hopeless. Unfortunately, this is an increase from 24 percent in 2015; as a matter of fact studies show us that youth are feeling more stressed out than ever before. This is where Eat Chat Parent plays a vital role: We are here to help you and your kids. 

Mark your calendars for January 7 at Berry Creek Middle School, and on January 8 at Eagle Valley Elementary School for Building Resiliency and Self Esteem In Our Kids. This session will focus on self-esteem, coping and resilience and the vital role these traits play in a young person’s life. All of our events are focused on mental health and helping youth be strong in the face of adversity. This resiliency, and the knowledge, start at home. We are your source to learn, engage and help your child soar.

If you attended the two 2018 fall Eat Chat Parent events, you know that our conversations have shifted from discussing the dangers of the digital world with Dr. Lisa Strohman to the negative impact of social media over-use in our children’s lives as depicted in the documentary LIKE. January’s upcoming topic is a perfect segue to continuing your ongoing conversation about mental health and youth. Our experts will help set you up for better relationships and deeper, more meaningful conversations with your family in the New Year.

We have heard your questions regarding technology and we know from the nonprofit Common Sense Media that a recent survey of 13- to 17-year-olds released this “found that 95 percent of U.S. teens have their own mobile device; Seventy percent of them check social media several times a day, up from 34 percent in 2012. More than half say that their devices distract them from homework or the people they’re with. The constant flow of likes, images, notifications and incentives are the equivalent to tiny drops of dopamine that lead to digital addiction. Knowing this, it’s becomes very relevant to take a closer look at your child's self esteem and how he copes with adversity, such as tech addiction. 

Please join us to hear Mind Spring Health’s Chief Executive Officer Sharon Raggio present "Building Resiliency in Ourselves, Our Kids, Our Community." Raggio will share simple yet effective ways to deal with whatever life throws at your child in order to increase their daily happiness. She will also offer tips on how you can help: It might be leaning out instead of swooping in. Learn from Eagle River Youth Coalition’s Youth Advisor Gerry Lopez’s personal story of discovery, learning what he did to change his life when he was lonely and depressed. Absorb local high school senior Mel McCalley's powerful journey to gaining self-esteem and self-acceptance in a gender non-conforming world.  

The bottom line is that our goal is to help YOUth navigate these difficult topics that may come up in your own home and to let you know YOUth are not alone. Ultimately, Eat Chat Parent is here to help foster positive behavioral change that will lead to a healthier community where youth can thrive.

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