Mandy Ivanov Focuses on Healthy Youth

Posted on January 01, 2018

Difference Maker of the Month: Mandy Ivanov

There is always someone in the know, that person you go to with questions, that person who reassures and provides answers based in facts, not fear. That person, the one who provides sound guidance is Mandy Ivanov.

Mandy, health promotion coordinator for Eagle County Public Health and Environment focusing on tobacco control efforts in Eagle, Pitkin, and Garfield Counties, tackles myriad of issues but does it without scare tactics and hyperbole. She stays on top of trends and shares her findings with kids and families to help keep them healthy and knowledgeable about hazards that are often right in front of our noses.

"I believe that if we can provide safe, supportive environments where each child's cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development is addressed via a holistic lens, confident, competent, and compassionate citizens will graduate from our schools," Mandy says. "I also have three children in elementary school, which makes me personally vested for a long time to come!"

Mandy offers positive input to families, schools and the community as a whole. The bad news, of course, is that there is always work to be done. Mandy, who will be a panelist for our upcoming Eat Chat Parent seminars taking place three times in January, says she is not panicked about vaping in general.

"However, what is concerning is that on-going studies suggest youth who vape are up to seven times more likely to use combustible cigarettes in the future than their counterparts who do not vape. While vaping may be the current cool trend for teens asserting their independence, it negatively impacts their brain development long-term and establishes neuro-pathways of nicotine addiction," she shares.

Mandy is working with the new district-level prevention specialists, as mental health support for youth and staff. Her long-range goal is to support schools, students, and the broader community through public health resources and technical assistance that address gaps in policies, practices, and programs. Together, we are all stronger - sharing resources for the good of the community. Mandy believes in taking a "whole school, whole community, whole child" approach, which will ultimately improve student health and learning, as the two are inextricably linked.

"It is exciting that I get to envision and define this position as I develop an understanding of the education system and build relationships with school staff and supporting organizations," Mandy says.

Mandy's seemingly endless energy and passion for working with youth will pay off for the community at large. Her insights allow for a strong and open dialogue.

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