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Posted on March 31, 2019

Thanks to PCW (Precision Construction West) for spotlighting Ron Steele, who helps hundreds of children arrive to school daily. Safely. This is no small feat, as cars zoom by, seemingly oblivious to kids as young as five walking, scootering, biking to school.

Ron Steele is a volunteer crossing guard for Brush Creek Elementary students. He does this to keep kids safe, not because he has children at the school. He is on the corner in the freezing cold, in the rainy, wet spring and blazing sun. He slows cars while keeping our kids safe every morning and every afternoon at the intersection of Sylvan Lake Road and Eagle Ranch Road.

There had been a crossing guard but she moved away, leaving a visible void at the corner. Ron saw the need for someone to be there every day... it was a lot like a very dangerous game of Frogger.. So, he visited the police station.

“That intersection seems to be getting busier and busier, especially in the mornings. It just didn’t seem right that those kids didn’t have a crossing guard there to help keep them safe,” shared Ron.

After a lengthy background check, fingerprinting and some mentoring by a local officer, Ron officially became the crossing guard, and the parents and kids are so thankful to have him.

Ron shared that he’s beyond grateful to do the job. “It’s great to know that I am able to give back to a community I love so much. I’m retired so I have some free time and this also keeps me young and gives me a reason to get up bright and early every morning. The smiles on the kids’ faces every morning really does make my day. And, the parents are so thoughtful! They’ve brought me coffee and other gifts, and it’s great to chat with them.”

Prior to moving to Eagle, Ron and his wife, Sheila, lived preliminary in Indianapolis, Indiana, but also had a condo in Beaver Creek. Once they retired, they knew they wanted to call Eagle their home full-time.
They enjoyed their time in Beaver Creek, but loved the small town feel of Eagle. So, they purchased a home in 2012 and have been full-time residents since 2015. Ron also volunteers on the Volunteer Police Committee in Eagle.

Denise Kipp added, "How selfless of this man to stand out there every single day for kids that are not even his own!"

Ron, thank you for volunteering your time to ensure our kids are safe! Thank you so much for what you do!
Thank you PCW for sharing the spotlight!

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