Youth are Redefining the Community Conversation

Posted on October 29, 2018

Enthusiasm and Energetic

by Mikayla Curtis, Strategic Impact Manager

To be youthful is to be passionate, motivated, curious, energetic and have a strong desire to create positive change. Troy Rindone encompasses all of these qualities and more. A junior at Battle Mountain High School, he is leaving his mark on our community and creating positive, youthful opportunities.

Imagine standing on a stage, in front of 500 people, and spending the next 15 minutes sharing something deep and personal that has shaped who you are and what your story is, and hoping that it will inspire something inside of others. Now imagine doing that at 15, 16, or 17 years old. By starting TedxYouth@Vail! two years ago, Troy Rindone has created a platform that elevates the youth voice for our community. TedxYouth is unique because it’s led entirely by youth who are responsible for every aspect of the event. There is no adult stepping in and tiding up loose ends; it’s completely youth driven and they own their successes and their failures and learn and grow from them each time. They sell out a full house and create an experience that opens the minds of youth and adults alike in the room. Through this role, Troy has stepped out as a positive leader and mentor for his peers. He has learned how to set his peers up for success, encourage them, ensure they have all the information and tools necessary to take on the responsibility and be successful, and help them understand how their contribution matters.


Beyond TedxYouth, Troy is a part of the BMHS alpine ski team, student council and Children’s Global Alliance. He’s traveled to Cambodia, Morocco and Nepal to complete service and will be going this coming year to Morocco and Tanzania, serving as a student advisor. He is also the first intern for the Eagle County Democratic Party and is passionate about politics, about social issues, global issues, international relations and travel. He sees a bigger world beyond our community and has aspirations attend college at Georgetown and to make positive change as an elected official. What gives Troy energy and drives his motivation to lead efforts like TedxYouth is to see everyone’s faces on event day, for community members to see what youth are capable of achieving, and give youth a platform to share their voice. Many important talks have been given by youth during the TedxYouth event that redefine how youth are understood and how they contribute to the broader community conversation.

When asked how youth should been seen and encouraged by the adult community, Troy shares they should be seen as capable, driven individuals. They should be valued as a strong community that when they come together, things get done. Youth are one of the most passionate, caring and empathetic groups in the community that should be encouraged by adults for that energy to lead positive community change. We need to make sure those opportunities exist for our youth, turn over the reins and be partners with youth. We need to not only give these opportunities, we need to mentor youth in their development, and encourage them as they mentor the next wave. Troy is connected with the CareerX program and believes that businesses should not only give youth internships and experience, but to put them in positions that use the skills they’ve developed and then mentor the next youth in the role. Troy is excited to be that mentor and to lead others in taking on responsibility to get them engaged and involved in different programs.

Being a leader takes practice and commitment. Troy admits to being timid or shy at first when offered leadership opportunities, but recognizing that he has to seize the platforms when they present themselves. It takes courage and mental preparation to step into those roles. Troy takes risks, gets out of his comfort zone, and serves as a positive peer leader. Troy will be remembered in this community for stepping up and getting things done, for being the first youth to give his peers a stage to speak their truth, and for mentoring his peers to become passionate leaders. Through all of this, Troy reminds us to find balance in our pursuits and surrounding ourselves with those who encourage us and bring us happiness. “Find holistic balance in life through helping others, being involved, doing what you can, and still giving time to your family and your friends so that you’re happy.” Our youth have great passion, insights, ideas, and wonder, and when given the opportunity leave lasting positive marks on the community.

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