Collaborative Management Program (CMP)

Where do families turn when their youth are experiencing challenges that are overwhelming and require several providers to deliver services? CMP might be the answer. CMP facilitates coordination of services for youth involved in multiple systems by engaging the youth, their families and other partners. The goal is to improve positive outcomes for the youth.

To qualify for Eagle County CMP services, the youth must:
Reside in Eagle County.
Be between the ages of 0 and 18 years old.
Be multi-system involved (e.g. mental health system, health care system, school system – see list of IOG partners which comprise the systems).

How to Access CMP Services

Referrals for services can be made by the 16 IOG partners listed at the bottom of this page. If you work with one of these IOG partners, you can make the referral by completing the forms under “For IOG Partners Only” section below. If you are a parent or guardian of a youth you feel needs this service or are with another agency other than the 16 IOG partners, contact CMP Coordinator Gloria Cueva at She can help you determine if this would be a good referral and which partner to talk to about making a referral.

The ISST (Individualized Service and Support Team) Meeting

After a referral is submitted for an eligible youth, families and the youth (if age appropriate) attend an ISST meeting. The CMP Coordinator plans these meetings with other community agencies and partners that can provide services for the youth based on their needs. The ISST meeting is family-focused, where their voices are the most important. The youth and family make the decisions on what services they will access based on recommendations made by providers at the meeting.

CMP Background

In collaboration with 16 IOG Partners, Eagle River Youth Coalition operates the Eagle County CMP through a contract with Eagle County Department of Human Services. CMP is partially state-funded by the Colorado Department of Human Services and several local funding entities. In 2004, the Colorado State Legislature established CMP (House Bill 04-1451) with the purpose of supporting counties in facilitating coordination of services for multi-system involved youth in order to avoid duplication and increase positive outcomes for youth.

For IOG Partners Only

If you want to make a referral, you must be one of the 16 IOG partners listed below. To make a referral, you should obtain an informed consent from the parent/guardian and complete the referral form. Here are the links for both:

Make a referral for an ISST meeting here.
Download the informed consent form here.

Eagle County IOG Partners

5th Judicial District Probation
5th Judicial District
Bright Future Foundation
Eagle County Department of Human Services
Eagle County Department of Public Health
Division of Youth Services
Eagle River Youth Coalition
Eagle County Schools
Family Advocates
Juvenile Justice:SB94
Mind Springs Health
Mountain Family Health Centers
Rocky Mountain Health Plans
Roaring Fork School District
Vail Police Department
West Slope Casa

CMP Coordinator

For more details on CMP or for assistance submitting a referral if you are an IOG partner, please contact:
Gloria Cueva
512.569-9100 (c)


of Eagle County high school students didn't drink alcohol in the past 30 days.

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