Social Norms

Positive Peer Influence

ERYC aims to address the asset of positive peer influence through the science-based and best practice approach of positive social norms marketing. The goal of any social norms campaign is to align perceptions with actual behavior. Oftentimes youth behaviors and attitudes are influenced by perceptions of what they believe to be the “norm.” By spreading positive messages taken directly from the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey (HKCS) results, ERYC attempts to align these misperceptions with reality.

Within Eagle County high schools and the community at large, The ERYC markets positive high school statistics through the You Told Us campaign. The ERYC has successfully implemented a social norms marketing campaign for high school students since 2005, and for middle school students since 2010. Messages are currently disseminated through a variety of student-designed and selected items, including lanyards, water bottles and neck gaiters/ buffs.

2017 campaign:

Alcohol Stat
mj stat
driving stat
join the team
middle school

water bottle
middle school campaign
ms waterbottle
sn swag
ruby laynards

2015 campaign:


of Eagle County high school students didn't use marijuana in the past 30 days.

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