Substance Abuse Prevention

Project Alert

Project Alert is a recognized evidence-based prevention curriculum for middle school youth. Beginning prevention education in middle school provides youth with the tools and knowledge to prevent risky behaviors through high school. ERYC has partnered with one local middle school in 2013 to pilot Project Alert to a group of twenty-seven students, and aims to increase impact in the coming school year by offering the program at two middle schools.

project alert

Project Towards No Drug Abuse
Project Towards No Drug Abuse (TND), an evidence-based curriculum for high school youth, reaches over 150 local youth annually through health classes and addresses priority issues faced by Eagle County related to adolescent substance use and impaired driving.

Project Sticker Shock

This sticker shock is not about buying a car.. It’s about buying alcohol and warning adults that it is illegal to purchase and provide it to underage persons.

liquor photo “Project Sticker Shock,” a youth-led initiative to change adult attitudes about providing alcohol to minors, is a public awareness campaign scheduled in conjunction with local events that traditionally experience high underage drinking rates such as the Fourth of July, high school graduation, prom, and homecoming. Local youth from Eagle River Youth Coalition’s Youth Leaders Council (YLC) and Eagle Valley High School’s Devils Against Drinking & Drugs (DADD) are part of a movement of youth nationwide working with participating stores to spread “Sticker Shock” waves across the county in an effort to reach adults who might be tempted to buy and supply alcohol for youth under 21. This year the stickers were redesigned using input from YLC, now using a positive approach to prevent adults from purchasing alcohol for minors. Last year's stickers featured fear messaging, which is traditionally ineffective for modifying behaviors. Therefore, the message is loosely tied to the Health Belief Model, and was changed to "Thanks for Keeping Our Youth Sober," "Rise Above The Influence," which includes the desired action to keep our youth sober and rise above the perceived threat, influence from peers and youth.

sticker shock Alcohol has been identified as the number one drug of choice among youth according to Eagle County students. Fifty-nine percent of local high school students think it is easy or very easy to get beer, wine, or hard liquor if they wanted to. Of local high school youth who drank in the past 30 days, 11% said that someone gave the alcohol to them while an additional 7% said that they gave someone money to buy it for them. The “Sticker Shock” campaign aims to educate the public, encouraging adults to think twice before purchasing alcohol for underage youth.

Together, YLC, DADD members and local participating retail liquor stores are working to create a safer, healthier lifestyle by combating the problem of underage drinking.

Participating with Youth Volunteers:

- West Vail Liquor Mart
- Village Warehouse Wine & Spirits
- Alpine Wine & Spirits
- Avon Liquors
- Beaver Liquors
- Eagle Liquor Mart
- Grappa Fine Wine
- Lionshead Liquor Store
- Macs Liquors
- Primavera Liquors
- Edwards Liquors
- Bottle N Cork
- Broadway Liquors
- Riverwalk Wine & Spirits
-Vail Fine Wines
-The Liquor Shop

Speak Now!

speaknowThe “Speak Now” campaign was developed to address underage drinking, and more specifically, binge drinking among Colorado youth. In fact, Colorado ranks 9th highest in the nation in terms of binge drinking among teenage youth. The campaign aims to urge parents and guardians to speak to teens about the dangers of underage drinking resulting in eliminating or at least reducing the binge drinking disparity among teenage youth statewide. Click the icon to find out more.

Healthy Choices Message Campaign

ERYC conducts a series of Youth Education and Prevention Campaign messages in partnership with local events. Since the inaugural launch in 2012, over 5,000 individuals have been reached. Messages focus on substance use and abuse education, reinforcement of adopting a buddy system, critical environmental awareness, alternative transportation options, sexual health and the overall costs and consequences of making poor choices. Events have included the preparation for the Snowball Music Festival, Winter WonderGrass Music Festival, and local high school events.

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of Eagle County high school students didn't use marijuana in the past 30 days.

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