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CTC Youth Health Report

CTC Updates:
Eagle County CTC has organized a Community Board of 32 community stakeholders that have broken up into the following 5 workgroups:

The workgroups and members are:
Risk and Protective Factor Assessment workgroup:

o Mary Cotton
o Michelle Stecher
o Andrej Birjulin
o James Wilkins
o Peter Brandes
o Fernando Almanza
o Joe Staufer
o Megan Heil
o Karyn Anderson

Resource Assessment and Evaluation Workgroup:

o Sarah Kennedy
o Chris Rieder
o Peter Brandes
o Beth Reilly
o Tom Pohl
o Candace Eves
o Sara Cross
o Father Tomaz
o Katie Russ

Youth Involvement Workgroup

o Scott Partan
o Jenny Leonetti
o Mindy Larson
o Karyn Anderson
o Michelle Stecher
o Sloan Munter
o Heather O’Malley
o Wade Hill
o Karen Nolasco
o Janet Casson

Community Board Maintenance Workgroup:

o Kenneth Howell
o Gloria Cueva
o Beth Reilly
o Karyn Anderson

Community Outreach and Public Relations Workgroup

o Gloria Cueva
o Kenneth Howell
o Fernando Almanza
o Michelle Dibos
o Karen Nolasco
o Deb Schmuck

Currently Eagle County CTC is wrapping up their data assessment phase. This phase involved an analysis of local Healthy Kids Colorado Survey data and also local Social Determinants of Health data. This analysis helped determine what risk and protective factors are common in youth in Eagle County, which later become the group’s recommendations for priority risk and protective factors. The final product from this assessment will be a Community Assessment Report, which will include Eagle County’s prioritized Risk and Protective factors. This report will be available around July 20th!

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