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2018 Press

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August 12, 2018 Avon Town Council considers raising minimum age to purchase tobacco products

August 11, 2018 Colorado survey reinforces need for youth mental health services in Eagle County

August 9, 2018 Youth Spotlight: Evan Fitzcharles

July 27, 2018 ERYC Hosts Storytelling Workshop

July 20, 2018, ERYC is the recipient of SaddleUP! Program

June 28, 2018 July Youth Spotlight: Wyatt Nelson

June 7, 2018 June Youth Spotlight: Valeria Lopez

May 9, 2018 May 10 brings another safe driving fair to Battle Mountain High School.

April 13, 2018 It's a true community effort: Family Jam and Plan. Thanks to all our supporters!

April 24, 2018 Parents: Showing up is half the battle

April 20, 2018 April's Youth Spotlight: Gustavo Orono

March 12, 2018 Bullies beware

March 6, 2018 ERYC teams with Town of Vail to create safe zone at Burton Open.

April 13, 2018 March's Youth Spotlight: Zyanya Rodriguez

March 30, 2018 Final ECP: Be kind!

March 15, 2018 ERYC's Resource Directory available online

More than 500 parents take ERYC Parent Survey

March 14, 2018 Opinion: Stay Safe & Sober

February 23, 2018 Families In Action: A 6-week Class Offered by ERYC

January 14, 2018 Get a Handle on Teen Vaping at Eat Chat Parent Events

2017 & prior years

10.6.17 High Altitude Society 11th Annual Valley Tastings

10.6.17 CTC Launches Youth Health Report

10.3.17 Thank You for Supporting Valley Tastings

9.12.17 Angst Film Screening Educates Parents About Youth Anxiety

9.7.17 Vail Today with Tricia Swenson - ERYC and Valley Tastings

9.6.17 Valley Tastings in Gypsum pairs culinary delights with youth-centered philanthropy

7.17.17 13 Reasons Why Prompts Local Discussions About Suicide

7.14.17 Active Parenting of Teens Class

7.4.17 Letter to the Editor Distracted Driving Makes Our Roads Unsafe

6.29.17 Be Smart With Smart Phones

6.26.17 Claire Krueger Following in Family's Footsteps

6.1.17 Our Elevation is High Enough

5.17.17 ERYC Host First FootGolf Tournament

5.14.17 Cloe Vega Youth Spotlight of the Month April, 2017

5.3.17 Safe Driving Article

4.25.17 Deep Breaths - Eat Chat Parent Event

4.3.17 Family Jam and Summer Plan

3.29.17 Grant Allows ERYC to Grow

3.16.17 Active Parenting Returns in April

2.21.17 Parenting Event

2.7.17 Learn About Local Youth Organization

2.7.16 Teen has flourished as a student

1.25.17 Parenting Event Discusses Friendships

1.20.17 Taking the Community's Pulse

1.20.16 Eat Chat Parent It's Complicated: Fostering Healthy Friendships

1.13.16 Family Jam and Summer Plan

1.1.16 YP365 Parent Mentor Program, ERYC partnership

11.20.16 YLC Spotlight Sara Cotton: Student Keeps Perspective While Traveling the World

11.16.16 ERYC Eat Chat Parent Teens Take The Wheel: Tips for Safe Driving

10.31.16 Marijuana Tax Dollars To Prevent Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse

10.31.16 PumpkinFest Thank You

10.20.16 ERYC Parenting Programs Launch

10.20.16 Helping Kids Thrive in the Digital Age

10.14.16 Thank you for the contribution

10.14.16 Eat Chat Parent Screenagers

10.13.16 Vail Valley Scenery: Valley Tastings, ERYC Helps Kids Make Good Choices

10.13.16 Eat Chat Parent Landing the Helicopter

10.6.16 Attend Valley Tastings

10.4.16 Celebrating Youth

9.27.16 Valley Tastings Returns to Donovan Pavilion

9.8.16 Every Action Taken Matters

8.29.16 Teen Gives Selfless Service to Community

6.8.16 Selfless Teen Gives Back

6.2.16 Community Engagement a Key to Success

6.1.16 Vail Centre and Duke Team Up to Offer Nonprofit Management Courses

5.27.16 Vu Le Event and other Vail Symposium events

5.19.16 Marijuana Forum Successful Event

5.19.16 Thank You ERYC For Supporting Project Graduation

5.5.16 KZYR Radio Family Jam and Summer Plan Interview live with The Martinellie's

5.5.16 Good Morning Vail Interview - Family Jam and Summer Plan

5.5.16 Good Morning Vail Interview - What does ERYC do?

5.5.16 Good Morning Vail Interview - Family Jam and Summer Plan

4.29.16 Marijuana Forum

4.27.16 Vail Daily ERYC Hosts Family Jam and Plan on May 7

4.26.16 Vail Daily Youth Leader Helps Improve School System

3.7.16 Vail Daily News Student Finds Hope in Her Generation

2.16.16 Vail Daily News ERYC Helping parents, kids recognize marijuana products and effects

11.24.15 Vail Daily Column: Teen Positively Influences All Who Know Him

11.16.15 Vail Daily News: Session Can Help Ease Parent Teen Stress

11.6.15 Vail Daily Opinion: Youth Survey An Important Resource

10.26.15 Vail Daily News: Eat! Chat! Parent! session to discuss kids and their use of technology

10.26.15 Vail Daily Letters to the Editor: Great Event

10.18.15 Vail Daily Vail Valley Scenery- Valley Tastings: Food for Youth

10.6.15 Vail Daily - Letter To The Editor - Great Organization

10.1.15 TV8 Good Morning Vail -- Valley Tastings: Food For Youth

9.20.15 TV8 Good Morning Vail -- Valley Tastings: Food for Youth

9.22.15 Vail Daily News: Valley Tastings: Food for Youth returns to support kids in Eagle County

9.18.15 Vail Daily News: Eagle River Youth Coalition launches parenting series

9.14.15 Vail Daily column: Student Athlete Rises to the Occasion

9.7.15 Vail Daily column: Youth Leader Displays Empathy and Friendliness

7.27.15 Vail Daily column: Teen leader is enjoying the journey

6.6.15 Vail Daily column: Teen leader is a positive role model for peers

6.5.15 Thanks, EpicPromise

6.2.15 Vail council wants more info on pot clubs

5.31.15 Vail Daily column: Teen committed to serving others in community

5.16.15 Vail Daily Local teens laugh as they learn the dangers of drunk/distracted driving

5.10.15 Vail Daily Column: Local girl to become youngest ever on US Freestyle Team

4.29.15 Vail Daily Letter: Thanks for support

4.20.15 Summit Daily column: Vail event set to feature drug-free 4/20 alternatives

4.18.15 Vail Daily column: Local teen is a positive peer leader

4.17.15 Vail Daily column: Vail event set to feature drug-free 4/20 alternatives

3.23.15 Vail Daily column: Teen has developed a passion for helping others

3.1.15 Vail Daily column: Ramunno balances academics, athletics and service

1.27.15 Vail Daily column: Giving voice to what matters


of Eagle County high school students didn't use marijuana in the past 30 days.

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