Data Sharing

To support the health and learning of all our children, our community must effectively and efficiently share information. By streamlining application processes, created shared measures, and pooling information, our system can help families more easily connect to resources. Without these efforts, our agencies and organizations become yet another obstacle that families must overcome.

In 2014, InteGreat! Coalition completed a community asset map with the support of Daniela Lewy, Harvard University Ph.D. candidate. Twenty-nine agencies that directly and indirectly serve youth in Eagle County participated in this project. They provided program information that was then sorted by categories ranging from academics and recreation to mental health and nutrition. These details were then charted with client information, specifically family income levels based on Federal Poverty Level (FPL) guidelines.

The asset map confirmed a need for new practices in data sharing, and InteGreat! developed specific strategies to address them, such as:

• Building a system of shared measures on youth and community goals by designing a shared database that is useful for organizations and their clients; launching a community dashboard that allows us to use accurate information for consistent messaging; and organizing MOUs and policies that make data sharing easier across sectors.

• Regularly engaging the community in an analysis of data by giving their experiences, opinions, and suggestions the same weight as statistics

• Adapting and improving practices based on data through a continuous improvement plan that includes repeatable procedures for reviewing data and enacting change.


of Eagle County high school students don't email or text while driving.

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