Ashlyn Laidman

My name is Ashlyn Laidman and I am a junior at Eagle Valley High School. I play softball almost year round. I am part of the drama program and take part in the school musical, and participate in track in the spring. I am also part of D.A.D.D. (Devils against Destructive Decisions and F.C.A (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). I enjoy being a Big Buddy in the “Big Buddy Reading Program” at my local library and Volunteer at my church. I like to think, question and solve problems. I work well with younger kids and I have strong leadership skills. My ultimate life goal is to make a positive impact on as many people as possible. I want to be proud of the decisions I make and help others make positive choices as well. I joined Youth Leadership Council because I wanted to make a difference for my peers and friends in my community. I want to make the people around me happier and healthier.